X: My bed is too comfy

So I walked past Xavier this morning before breakfast and he had this super sad look on his face. 😞 

“What’s wrong kid? Why so glum?”

sigh” he sighed. It was a good sigh too. “It’s just that my bed is sooooo comfortable when I wake up but I know I have to get up at some point”. 


“No, that’s it. I’m just remembering how nice it was in bed, but realizing I can’t go back”

Saying Goodbye

Today, Xavier’s best friend moves away. He’s taking Sarah’s best friend with him.

Sarah I’m sad for, but she’s an adult. She understands what’s happening, and why, and she has the ability to make new friends more freely than a 3 year old. Xavier on the other hand still doesn’t really grasp what’s happening.

“Leland is moving to his Grandmas” we told him. He knows that Grandma’s always live on the other end of a plane.
“Big plane!”
“Yes, he’s going on a big plane. He’s moving. You may not see him again.”
“Me big plane! I go with Leland!”
“No, you can’t go with Leland. You have to stay with Mommy and Daddy.”

And so it goes. He hasn’t asked yet when Leland is coming back, but I know that this is coming. His friend, who is a little older, still uses words like vacation and holiday to describe what’s happening.

Moving is hard, but being the kid who doesn’t move feels at least as hard. In Xavier’s case, nothing new and exciting happens, there is no change except for loss. On our end, we are going to try and fill his time over the next two weeks. Partly with fun things to do, and partly with play dates if we can find them. Xavier and Leland (and Sarah and Dani) played together about 6 days a week, so I don’t expect we’ll be able to fill that gap in their lives. But, given enough toddlers, we might be able to make a dent.


The Easter long weekend was wonderful this year. In Australia, or at least in New South Wales, you get both Good Friday and Easter Monday off. This year, the weekend following is Anzac Day (think: memorial day) so I get a four day weekend followed by a three day weekend.

On Friday, we took Xavier and his friend Leland out to the park. The circus is in town, and I was able to catch a $5 side show while the boys played in the water. That evening we went over to Leland’s house for a lovely Easter dinner with our friends. The food was amazing: rocket and pear salad, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies with candied orange, apple sauce and a fabulous pork roast. Just after dinner, we took the boys for a short walk to see if we could find the Easter Bunny. As luck would have it, he came to the apartment just as we were out, and left behind a collection of plastic eggs filled with lego and other prizes. The boys loved the hunt, and opening their new toys, while the Dad’s got to have fun actually building the lego.

Saturday Xavier went back to his friends again while Mom and Dad caught a flick downtown. We’d been wanting to see the Lego movie for a while and it was just new in Sydney theatres. It was rather silly, but definitely a good time. Someone was cutting onions towards the end though… Oddly enough when we finished the movie we found ourselves magically whisked away to the toy department at Myers. And, conveniently they were having a 30% off and buy-one-get-one half off sale.

We spent most of the afternoon (and really the rest of the weekend) building Lego villages, car parks, pirate getaways, trains, zoos, spaceships, robots and so on.

Sunday morning, when Xavier woke up, he found a trail of eggs leading from his room to some Easter goodies. He had cars and candy and stickers and books from various Mummy Bunny’s. His favourite though was a GIANT chocolate egg.



We discovered that weekend that Xavier is able to reach the top shelf in the kitchen. At one point on Sunday afternoon I noticed Xavier smiling at me from outside a shut bedroom door. Then a little while later it was awfully quiet. I found him barricaded in his room completely covered in milk chocolate. I think I would have done the same. 😀


Wild Life Sydney

We spent this morning at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo. This is the third zoo we’ve been to in Sydney, and definitely number 3 on the awesome zoo experience list (after Featherdale and Taronga), but it has some major advantages. It’s super convenient to get to, it’s much cheaper than the others, it’s indoors – making it nice for rainy days – and it does have it’s share of Australian wildlife. Anything that you’d really like to see as far as local fauna goes can be found here.

The other huge up side is that their crocodile, Rex, (or as Xavier calls him: snap snap) is by far the most active one that we’ve seen.

Loud Noises

The other day Leland, Xavier’s friend, was visiting for a play date. There’s a bit of an age discrepancy between the two boys; Leland is nearly 4, and Xavier is about 2.33 (repeating of course). It’s a pretty sizable gap, but they are able to find some common ground. The boys like to play cars, so that morning they ran down the hall to Xavier’s room and pulled out his cars and race track.

A few minutes later there was silence. Silence followed by a commotion, which is the only kind of silence we get these days.

Turns out Leland and Xavier had a race (but no one told Xavier). Leland won, so he started yelling I WON I WON. Xavier didn’t know what was happening, so he started yelling too. Leland thought that this meant Xavier was contesting his win, so he yelled louder. Xavier, not understanding concepts like winning, losing, or simple pronouns, came to the logical conclusion that they were having a yelling contest. He started yelling louder. Eventually they just started screaming loudly together.

Things parents do

Having a kid changes your daily routine quite a bit. I’m pretty much certain that the words “sack of poo” will appear somewhere on my daily chores list. Some of the other interesting items of late include:

  • Discover why the shower smells like Broccoli. Fix.
  • What is best way to clean peanut butter?
  • Get a pair of salad tongs for the car.
  • Learn how to ‘play cars’. X tells me I’m no good.
  • Clean peanut butter off of iPad.
  • Make 12 choo-choo-cheese sandwiches, 36 PB&J Dinosaurs & 1 jug of sangria for Sunday morning.
  • Run around the house yelling “choo choo!!” for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Learn the words to some song other than Baby Beluga.
  • De-peanut-butter the remote control.
  • Find and destroy the fishy movie. Never again.
  • Figure out why X keeps making that face and pointing over my left shoulder; it’s starting to freak me out.
  • Stop buying peanut butter.

Birthday Party!


Last weekend we hosted Xavier’s second birthday party in the park near our house. It was an awesome day outside, even for the dead of winter, and we got super lucky with both weather and location.

For his second Birthday, Mom baked up a storm – there were owl cupcakes and special cookies shaped like buttons (both for the Giggle and Hoot theme), fairy bread, sandwiches, a sausage sizzle, and drinks galore. Unfortunately, most of his guests don’t have teeth yet, so a lot of the bits ended up being extra towards the end. On the up side, Sarah was heading out to meet up with some friends from the local uni afterwards, and as everyone knows, grad students will eat anything, so nothing went to waste.

In addition to spoiling him with food, he was also spoiled rotten in terms of gifts. But I think that’s ok – we don’t buy him too many things on account of having only a little bit of place to put stuff, and so he was about due for a ‘things’ and toy refresh. My favourite new addition was a great new duvet and duvet cover from our friends Tom and Alex. He’s been sleeping so much better now that he doesn’t get cold at night.

All in all he had a blast – he spent the afternoon playing in the sunshine with all of his friends, and running back for ‘cake breaks’ (or maybe just icing breaks) whenever he felt a bit peckish.

The Island of Sodor

Next Stop: Sodor!

Today we went on a bit of an adventure out to the Trainworks Museum, about 90 minutes south west of the city in Thirlmere. On most days, the Trainworks museum is a historical train museum, showcasing bits of railway history over the last hundred years. Today, they had a much younger audience, who had come to see Thomas the Tank Engine!

Xavier had a blast hopping up and down on the trains, and even got to take a 45 minute ride on a steam engine. He spent most of the trip standing on the rails between cars watching the slats move beneath his feet.

Back at the event, they had tiny train rides set up, an opportunity to take a ride on Toby, or get your picture with Thomas and his friends. They also had bouncy castles and slides which Xavier loved. (Who doesn’t?)