cas and kstanger, united as cask

The wedding was beautiful and tasty.

The ceremony was held outside in Dragonfly Gardens; a bit of a misnomer, the only wildlife I saw was a snail (of course Snail Gardens wouldn’t attract the same customer base so I think the mistake can be forgiven). Thankfully, we were blessed by fantastic weather. Only slightly less radiant than the much appreciated sun, was the bride herself. Things ran as smooth as can be expected, and only one small group of gamer friends showed up late (apparently they rolled a 1 on their intuit direction checks).

The reception later was just as nice. is, ic and I gorged ourselves on hors d’oerves and coffee until the dinner started, at which time we gorged ourselves on seafood and fruit.

mmmm…. prawns….

My poor wife was unable to enjoy her dinner as she was strapped into her dress so tightly she was unable to eat more than a spoonful every 30 minutes. It worked out ok though, I helped her finish her food as well.

mmmm…. roast beef….

(and then went for seconds of my own.)

mmmm…. more prawns….

Sarah and I left early in preparation of our impending trip across the country, but were unfortunately unable to get to bed until 5:30 am Monday morning. We still had much packing to do and a cat to pick up.