The Weather

Undoubtedly our #1 favourite thing about living in Sydney is the weather. By now we have acclimatised a bit, so it’s hard to remember exactly how good it is, but I get the occasional reminder when I travel. I was visiting San Francisco near the beginning of August, and it was pretty nice out, but still not that warm. Jeans, sweatshirts etc were pretty common wear around the city. And in the evening – Freezing!! So very, very cold.

So, this is San Francisco in the height of summer.

August 11, 2013 weather report for San Francisco
August 11, 2013 weather report for San Francisco

By contrast here’s the same set of days from Sydney. Keep in mind this is the dead of winter — effectively February 11 in the northern hemisphere.

August 11, 2013 weather report for Sydney
August 11, 2013 weather report for Sydney

Those of you from Vancouver area might notice that for February weather, there’s an awful lot of yellow sky-ball. It does rain here quite a bit in winter, but it does it tropical style; with very intense, short bursts of rain.

August 11, 2013 weather report for Brisbane
August 11, 2013 weather report for Brisbane

That said, the people down here still find it ‘cold’, choosing to winter a little further north near Brisbane, where the weather is a wintery 30 degrees.

The dead of Winter

Being in the southern hemisphere confuses me to no end. Try as I might, I just can’t bring myself to call June, July and August “Winter”, especially considering that the Sydney winter seems more summery than a Vancouver summer.

The weather here has been, and continues to be, incredible! We get the odd shower once a week or so, but for the most part, it’s been sunny and in the high teens. And this is effectively the middle of December from a meteorological perspective.
A couple of nights back we had an extreme weather warning on the TV. “Stay inside, and bundle up!” they warned, because “It’s going to drop into the single digits tonight.” Brrr…

I’m Cold

When I was in grade six, one of my best friends, Jeff, told me that he was fed up with the “stupid canadian winter” and that he was going to move to Malaysia when he grew up. Back then, I thought he was being ridiculous. First of all, I thought that the -35 degree winter was the norm – and that people in places like florida were wussy. Secondly, I didn’t know what a ‘malaysia’ was, and had no idea why anyone would want to go there.

Since elementary school, I’ve left the frozen north, and have lived in Victoria for the past five years. The coldest weather I had to endure was -4. Winter meant rain, and grey skies. It meant I had to wear a sweatshirt, and waterproof my shoes, carry an umbrella and phone people in Ontario to laugh at them. This year, I’m that poor sap in Ontario.

When I went outside this morning, my boogers flash froze, my hair turned solid, and my face fell off. (Well, maybe the last part is an exaggeration, but I certainly couldn’t feel my face, so it might as well have fallen off.) When I checked the weather report, I found that it was -28 outside, -35 with wind chill. This was cold. Really cold. Colder than I remember cold being. Once I got to work, I started scoping out places that I could hibernate until it became humane to go outside again.

As it turns out, Futureshop policy prohibits employee hibernation. At least on site. Things were looking pretty grim until Brian pulled up in a preheated car to drive The Wife and I home.

I remember when I was younger, I used to walk to school in -42 below weather. No kidding. Me and all of my friends just threw on our toques, coats and gloves, and plotted off as if everything was normal. I thought I remembered winter being warmer than it really is. Having experienced it again, I have come to realize that I was just really stupid when I was young.

Since grade six, Jeff has told us every year how he still plans to move to Malaysia. We always just waved it off as random whining. I just got off the phone with Jeff. He still plans on going, and when he does, he’s agreed to book tickets for The Wife and I. This country is too bloody cold.