Bedtime negotiations

Negotiating is extra difficult when your ‘adversary’ only knows three words. In the last week, Xavier has decided that his bedtime should be sometime between midnight and one. This is despite our best efforts to get him to sleep earlier — we’ve tried naps, no naps, rocking, patting, singing, soothing words, words of frustration, etc. I haven’t yet tried offering him a night cap, maybe that’s the solution.

Normally when he’s been obstinate about bed time it’s because of some unseen issue — like hunger, teething or a wet nappy. I’m worried that this is actually the start of his ‘defiant’ phase. We try not to use the word ‘no’ near him so as to delay him picking up the word, but I think he’s starting to figure out the concept on his own.

In related news, I’ve nearly mastered the espresso machine near my desk.