Countryside observations

One of my favorite things about traveling is observing ordinary life, but done different.

We were up in Oroville, in north central Washington, for the Labour Day weekend. Oroville is an old town, in Apple picking country. To get there, you simply drive East of Seattle, and turn left just past the mountains. If you hit the border, just turn around and there it is.

More than anything, though, Oroville is a small town, filled with small town folk who occupy a lazy long weekend very differently than I do.

On Monday, we had to make a quick trip into town to gas up the boat. As we drove in, we passed a family, sitting and enjoying the sun in a semi-circle of lawn chairs while kids played amongst colourful objects spread over the dark green grass. We couldn’t make out what was going on, but everyone was smiling and enjoying life. 😄

On the way back, we drove just a little slower to see what lawn game they were playing. This was a new one.

The colourful objects were beer cans. The parents, occupying the lawn chairs, would chuck their empties out onto the lawn. Each new van would then dance about as the kids gleefully pulled out BB Guns and competed for marksmanship.

Shooting empties with your family on the front lawn. 🤷 To each their own.