House Hunting in Paris – the great news.

So, after waiting for 23 days, the landlord that we had applied to out in Levallois has FINALLY called us back. Normally, I wouldn’t have the patience to wait this long, but this place is pretty amazing.

It has rooms (two of them!), is 20% larger, and 10% cheaper than the place we have now, and it’s six blocks from both my office, and the Women’s and Children’s hospital. There’s a garden view out back, and a balcony that overlooks a park in the front. It’ll be a little costly to move into as we will have to buy new furniture and appliances, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that we can find someone who’s having a moving sale to keep our costs down there.

We haven’t signed the papers yet, but if everything goes well, we should be in a new place before the end of the month.

We have internet!!

Christmas is saved! We have internet!!
Today the UPS guy appeared with our internet/phone/cable/tivo box, and this afternoon it started the blink of joy.
In theory, we have another phone number. However, I don’t really know what it is. We are on skype though, and will be using it to call home on Christmas day.

We’ve already been using it to keep in touch with Nick while he’s in NV. When we were at the hotel we gave it a shot, but it came out looking like this:

Notice the new toque
The new connection is at least one order of magnitude faster than the old connection, and Nick now looks like a person. He has eyes, and a nose and everything.

I have a Visa (For real this time).

So it turned out that when our lawyer said ‘You can go and get your Visa from the consulate now’ it really meant ‘you can go and apply for your Visa now.’

Anyways, all shenanigans aside (and there was much shenanigan-ing), I ended up walking out of the Visa office with two passports, each stamped with a Visa valid for November 1st to January 30th.

It turns out that a Visa is not what allows me to live in a country, it’s just what allows me to enter a country. In this case, it allows me to enter and work while I’m there. I will still need to get a residence card if I intend to stay in the country past January 30th. More on that when it happens.

In the meantime, huzzah!! I have a Visa!

I have a Visa?

This morning, HR let me know that “the law firm confirmed today that your file arrived at the consulate of France in Vancouver.”

This means that my Visa has arrived in Vancouver, and now all I have to do is pick it up.

Update: I really don’t know what this means, actually. I went to the consulate today and got an infuriating run-around from the people at the office. When I asked if they had my Visa, they told me that I needed to fill out an application. When I told them that I’d already done that, they asked to see it. When I told them that I submitted it to the consulate in Paris, they laughed and told me that there is no consulate in Paris — why would they need a French consulate in France? When I told them that I really didn’t know who I submitted it to, but my Visa was definitely here, they told me that they couldn’t talk to me without an appointment and my application form filled out in triplicate and asked me to come back tomorrow.

I’m 27 today.

That kinda weirds me out. I’m still not liking this getting older thing.

On the other hand, I really liked the Angel Food Cake that my awesome wife made me for breakfast. (It was dinner too.)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Last night we had a few (3) people over for drinks and crab dip. One of our guests introduced himself to the neighbors guests over the balcony while having a smoke and we ended up hanging with the people next door to ring in the New Year. The best part is that New Years 2007 Resolution #4 was “Meet and socialize with the neighbors.” That’s one New Year’s resolution checked off only a minute into 2007.