Tim-sitting for a friend


For the last week, we’ve been cat sitting for a friend at the office. Xavier has been thrilled; the cat, less so. It’s actually been a really great experience for X. At some point every day Tim (that’s the cat) works up sufficient courage to poke his head down the hall. When he’s toddler spotted, he’ll make a run for it, and Xavier will come chasing after (+1 exercise). Eventually, Tim will find a hiding place, which starts a short game of hide-and-seek (+1 exploring your environment) until he’s spotted again and the game begins anew. Once the two of them are tired out (+1 tired toddler) there’s a short bit of play where Tim lets X pet him, or wiggle a string for his amusement (+1 learning to be gentle).

It’s also just been nice having a kitty around again. It’s really nice having a warm, purring ball of fuzz to encourage you to stretch out and take that extra 5 minutes before getting out of bed.

Moving Day

Today, we are moving into the new place. Not completely, but mostly. All of our stuff will leave this apartment today (save for a suitcase of clothes, some cereal, and a cat) in a truck bound for Levallois. We managed to score a good deal on a moving sale, and will be picking up an apartment worth of furniture this afternoon. The only thing missing will be the fridge (Coming June 1) and stove. 

Once all of the appliances are in place, we’ll do the final move from here, and then schedule a day of wall scrubbing. (Truth be told, I’m probably gonna hire a maid. I hate scrubbing walls.)