A sword made of light…

Last night was the peak of the Perseids meteor shower season. It was also really cloudy.

But, I explained to Xavier that the meteor shower would be on all night, with the best viewing hours between midnight and 5am, when the moon is at its darkest. Just around midnight, X got up to use the bathroom, and dragged me out of bed to go look at the falling sky.

We each grabbed a blanket, and laid down on the grass in the backyard. While it was still quite cloudy, there were holes in the clouds that we’d watch intently. It took us a while, but eventually X spotted what he had been waiting for.

“It’s like someone took a sword made of light and cut a hole into the darkness.” The kid can be rather poetic at times.

All in all, we spent about 45 minutes just watching the night sky, and spotted three meteors.

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