If you have nothing smart to say, better to say nothing at all.

So, I have a friend, who posts things on facebook that make me go 😲🤯😡🤬.
But, as this person is a friend, I try to 🙊
I’m not always good at it.

Here’s something that’s been helping. Me. I don’t know if my friend finds it helpful. I’m probably still annoying.

When I see the posts that look like misinformation, I try to reply with actual information, and citations. This means I first have to do research and think. 🧠

Thinking is so much harder than yelling.

It takes work, but it is also making me more informed about the things that I’m passionate about. And sometimes it turns out that my opinions don’t line up with reality. That’s a hard one to accept. 😞 But, part of learning.

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