Back to school

All the kids are back to school, which means that poor X has far fewer people to play with during the day. He’s an outgoing and extroverted child who thrives on the company of others (weird, right?) and so the back to school season hit pretty hard. Especially for his mom, who shares a personality profile with the Brown Recluse. Consequently he’s now been signed up to classes where he can burn off energy and interact with loads of other kids.

The first choice for class was definitely swimming. If Sarah’s spirit animal is a reclusive spider, then Xavier’s is most definitely the community loving, water dwelling otter. He lives for swimming and has been taking lessons in Sydney for years. Lessons here and there are very different though. When Sarah showed up to his first lesson in Seattle the instructor looked at him and said “oh no, he’s much to young to learn how to swim.” A nudge, a splash, and a lap across the pool changed that opinion quickly.

Since then we’ve changed pools to one with more intensive coaching. I don’t want to give the impression that we are trying to push him in any way, it’s just that he’s really good at this stuff, and gets bored easily in larger group lessons. Since starting early September he’s already advanced two grade levels (measure in colours of the rainbow) in classes.

It’s such a joy to watch someone doing something that they love, and have a talent for.
As for the other classes… We have Xavier enrolled in a half day wilderness camp twice a week, in which he basically learns how to play outside. The program is offered by our next door neighbour, who is the founder of the program and Mom to Xavier’s best bud. They spend most of their time roaming around the state park near our house, playing with dirt and sticks and singing songs or playing games. 

His final class is Gymnastics which he asked  to attend after finding a parkour video on YouTube. I did check into it and he can start actual parkour classes in a year or two, but for now this is close enough. 

One thought on “Back to school

  1. Grandma says:

    Good family write up! Xavier starts school next year and will be even more
    active. Give us updates more regular including a Halloween treat…..

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