Billy and Freckles

Once a week Xavier goes to the library and gets to pick a bunch of books to bring home. Sometimes he picks them himself; sometimes he puts on a dinosaur hand puppet and let’s the puppet choose. No matter who picks the books the overwhelming themes are superheroes and doggies. 

We don’t vet the books before bedtime, and not all of them are good books, so sometimes we end up with uncomfortable surprises. Last nights book fell into that category. The plot went something like this:

Billy and Freckles were best of friends. Billy was a boy, and Freckles was a dog. They played together every day. Then, Billy met Jane. Billy really liked Jane; Jane really didn’t like dogs. So Billy locked Freckles in the basement and went to play at Janes house. One day Jane didn’t like Billy. He cried all the way home. Freckles didn’t comfort him because he was locked in the basement. Sucks to be Billy. The end. 

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