Sailing sailing…

We are currently departing Sydney Harbour aboard the celebrity century. We
We’re lucky enough to snag a deal trough Nick, Sarah’s brother, on one of the ships leaving Sydney harbour this summer. The Century is the oldest of the three ships in our area but it had an amazing itinerary that ticks a lot of tourist boxes.

In a few days we will be pulling into Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays, where Sarah and X will spend the day sailing and swimming and I’ll take a shore excursion out to the Great Barrier Reef.

Then, off to Cairns to visit the Daintree rain forest and hang out with some tropical butterflies (I wonder if butterflies and bug spray get along).

After a few days at sea, we have a few stops in the South Pacific. I’m hoping for more snorkelling on this bit. Xavier has recently been practicing the deadmans float in swim class, so a snorkel and a mask should be a natural fit for him.

So the reef, the Whitsundays, far North Queensland, the Daintree and some South Pacific isles. All in all it should be good fun.

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