Learning to Drive (again)

I’ve got my license when I was seventeen. But my car died the same year, an after that I moved to the “big city” where I didn’t really need a private vehicle, so in actual fact, I haven’t really been behind the wheel that much. Actually, thinking about it, the time between when I stopped driving and now is about as long as the time between when I got my license and when I learned to walk.

I’m old.

Also, I’m really not a qualified driver.

So, I’m taking lessons again. I’m on my way to my second lesson now. My first lesson was super nerve wracking, and not at all helped by the fact I’m learning on the other side of the road. Considering how little time I’ve actually spent driving, it was absolutely shocking to me how badly I wanted to drive on the right side of the road. If I turned onto a road with other cars, it was ok. I could just follow the leader. Onto an empty road though and it was right lane ahead!

The other annoying thing is that my wipers kept coming on every time I signalled left or right. I made a mental note to ask the instructor if his car needed servicing when I see him next.

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