If I had the know-how, this is what I’d build.

If I had the know-how, this is what I’d build.

I’d build a filter for the internet that counted the number of horrible things that people try to show me, and brought it down to a manageable number.

I don’t need to see every story about every grieving widow, child or parent to know that there is sadness in the world. I don’t need to see ten stories in the same paper on the same day about the same event to be informed about the news. When it’s overwhelming, it makes people sad and complacent, not informed.

I would love to take all of the terrible, awful, no good and generally depressing link-bait that are used to generate ad revenue and run it through a single channel, and then turn down the volume so low that maybe the little bits of happiness that make it into the daily news would actually get some eyeballs.

With enough views, it might just encourage the major news companies to start baiting me with happiness, and inspiration, and pictures of new life instead of the grotesque horror show that passes for popular news. And maybe, if enough people saw as much good about the world as we see bad today, that would be enough to make things just a little bit better for all of us.

So, that’s what I’d build, if I had the know how.

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