Decisions is hard

Our computer has had it. Or nearly had it. Or maybe it was done a year ago and we just didn’t notice. In any case, the workhorse that we bought needs to be put out to pasture. Getting a replacement is hard though!

Our machine is pretty close to seven years (that’s, like, 102 in computer years) old now. It’s run wonderfully through most of that time, in no small part because we bought a top end spec. (To make WoW that much prettier). So what’s so hard about doing the same thing again? Well, a couple of things.

Computers are expensive. At least the top end ones. Sarah specced out something just shy of 4k the first time I sent her to the apple store.

Computers are complicated. we are at a point where there are too many qualifiers, and the path to more better isn’t just at the high end of the numerical scale. Do I want dual or quad core i5s or i7s? What about hdd, ssd, or fusion (that’s like teriyaki burritos, right?)? And is 3.2gHz from 2012 better than 1.6 from 2014? Sounds like it depends. On a lot of things.

I’ve got two conflicting deadlines. If I buy before the end of June, I can get a tax rebate by end of October. If I wait till October, I can (probably) get next years model. Apple always does a refresh of something in October time frame.

Not to mention, seven years later I now have a few other things that I like spending money on. Like Daycare and visits to North America.

At least for the time being I’ve got a strategy. Watch the refurb selections in the apple store. If anything with an SSD or Teriyaki Taco drive pops
up before July, I’ll pounce.

Until then I’m going to stick the old iMac into morse code mode and hope for the best.

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