Sunshine Coast

On our second day in Brisbane Jesse and Aaron drove us down to the Gold Coast, the miles long beach that stretches from Brisbane to the New South Wales border. Its nothing but amazing coastline the entire way.

We spent about eights hours out, with three longish stops to break it up. The first stop was at a park near Surfers Paradise to let Xavier have a bit of a run around. This place was massive! It had a permanent jumping installed in the middle of a sand pit (guess where X spent his time), giant lizards to climb on, and a huge rail track around the outside complete with pedal trains.

Next was in Surfers Paradise proper. We got out for a coffee and a bit of a play on the beach.

Finally, we drove all the way down to Coolangata, well known for being featured in the first Australian travel jingle, “Its hot in Brisbane, but it’s Coolangata.” X was asleep at this point so we just snapped a few pics and hopped back in the car.

It was an amazing day, and a great drive. There’s more to say for sure, but I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

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