Last weekend we attended a lovely ceremony at the Curzon Hall in Sydney. A friend of mine from work was having celebrating his third of three weddings to his new bride.

The second was a traditional Hindi wedding, I think in Indonesia, and the first was a legal ceremony so that it would be easy to sort out the legalities of all later ceremonies.

This ceremony was for the Grooms friends and family, most of whom were local to Australia. A few were from overseas – at least one was known to have spent more time travelling than being in Australia.

The wedding was absolutely lovely, and everything a wedding should be. It was held outdoors, and was pretty quick and concise. A few confessions of love, some comments to the audience and two very loud, very joyous (and in our case, very out of tune) songs.

Xavier took a few photos of his favourite bits. Here’s just a sampling. In actuality there are about ten photos of his finger, and at least six of that fellows ear.


After the ceremony there was time for photos, followed by light food and drink while the guests got a chance to mingle. Xavier used this time to make friends with a nice little girl and her mom, who treated us both to a banana from the boot of her car.

Definitely a top moment for me was the cracking of the croquembouche, a tower made of profiteroles, which is then covered in spun sugar and sometimes chocolate. Yum!!

Instead of gracefully slicing a piece of wedding cake, you are handed a gnome sized truncheon which you then use to hack away at the confectionary construction until a profiterole pops off. It’s fun and delicious! What’s not to love?

This is our second wedding this year, and our third since arriving in Australia. Weddings are always so much fun, and I’m forever grateful of the people who let us take part in their special day.

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