The Dummy Fairy

Xavier has reached a new milestone!
He’s now gone 10 days without a soother. And, surprisingly few tears.

We got lucky on this one.

We took him into the dentist two tuesday’s ago, and the hygienist asked us if he was still using a soother. While examining our shoes, we admitted that he was, and so the hygienist went on to show us how the shape of his teeth were changing. Uncool. So, quick gut check and we decided to toss the dummy.

The hygienist was kind enough to play Bad Cop for us. He explained to Xavier how he’s a big boy and how he’d looked in his mouth and found that he didn’t need a soother anymore. He asked him if he’d like to give up the soother and Xavier (surprisingly) obliged. I don’t really know if he knew it was for keeps at that point. Then the hygienist high fives him and brushed Xavier’s teeth with an electric toothbrush. That last part was the highlight of the trip, and Xavier told us all about it over the next week.

That night, when we went home, we told Xavier that the Tooth Fairy had heard all about what happened at the dentist (Xavier took this opportunity to explain electric toothbrushes to us) and was very proud of Xavier. Because he was a big boy, she was going to leave him a gift over night.

“No honey, remember you gave it to the dentist…”
“…uh, yeah. So because you’re a big boy, you can sleep without a soother and you’ll get a present. Do you want a present?”

And that was that.

In the morning he found a new pack of lego and a couple of chocolates (to keep the fairy in business). He again asked for his soother, but having the box of lego, and an awesome story about a dentist and a fairy, staved off most of the tears.

Two weeks later he’s still going strong. He asks for his soother around nap time or when he hurts himself, but then he remembers the fairy (or maybe just the toothbrush) and seems to get over it.

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