Fitzroy St

We are visiting Melbourne this week. From Syfney, I’ve always thought of it as Australia’s Vancouver (as opposed to Australia’s Toronto, where we live).

By chance we ended up in St Kilda. A part of town that two different friends had recommended. One for food, and the other for the neighborhood. So far, we haven’t really left Fitzroy St.

A buddy at work recommended checking out Golden Fields, which turned out to be really close to our hotel. This was our first stop after checking in, and we had a lovely dinner of Lobster Rolls, pulled pork San bao, shiitake dumplings (it was dumpling Tuesday) and a Peanut Butter parfait with salted caramel sauce and chocolate mousse (divine!).

The next morning we left in search of the famous St Kilda penguins. This small colony of penguins made their home just next to a pier at the end of Fitzroy forty years ago. They are a wild colony, but live in the city, conveniently located next to several posh fish and chip shops.

On the way to the beach we stopped in at a cafe. Melbourne, we’d been told, is the way place to hit up random cafés. This was no let down. Our two coffees and a babycino for Xavier, came with a delicious cherry-choco-coco-walnut slice that disappeared almost before I could snap a pic.


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