Winter Visit!

I’m so stoked – we have planned (notice the past tense) a trip to North America for January/February this year.

Over the trip, we will fly nine times, and travel nearly 30,000 km. We were originally hoping to make it over for the Christmas period, but the cost of travel between December 4 and January 14 is just too high. Our initial quote on airfare was for $11,000. Pushing this out a few weeks helped us drop that cost by a huge amount, and made it possible to use points (both ours and as a gift from my in-laws). 

One of the cool side effects of traveling at the time of year is we will be hitting the peak of summer, and winter, over the course of the month. Last January saw temperatures upwards of 40 degrees in Sydney, and below -30 in Prince George. Poor Xavier hasn’t yet seen snow, or experienced temperatures below zero, so he’ll be in for a surprise.

So look for us in California during the last two weeks of January, and Canada during the first two weeks of February. We’ll be the family shivering by the fire. 🙂

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