Loud Noises

The other day Leland, Xavier’s friend, was visiting for a play date. There’s a bit of an age discrepancy between the two boys; Leland is nearly 4, and Xavier is about 2.33 (repeating of course). It’s a pretty sizable gap, but they are able to find some common ground. The boys like to play cars, so that morning they ran down the hall to Xavier’s room and pulled out his cars and race track.

A few minutes later there was silence. Silence followed by a commotion, which is the only kind of silence we get these days.

Turns out Leland and Xavier had a race (but no one told Xavier). Leland won, so he started yelling I WON I WON. Xavier didn’t know what was happening, so he started yelling too. Leland thought that this meant Xavier was contesting his win, so he yelled louder. Xavier, not understanding concepts like winning, losing, or simple pronouns, came to the logical conclusion that they were having a yelling contest. He started yelling louder. Eventually they just started screaming loudly together.

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