Things parents do

Having a kid changes your daily routine quite a bit. I’m pretty much certain that the words “sack of poo” will appear somewhere on my daily chores list. Some of the other interesting items of late include:

  • Discover why the shower smells like Broccoli. Fix.
  • What is best way to clean peanut butter?
  • Get a pair of salad tongs for the car.
  • Learn how to ‘play cars’. X tells me I’m no good.
  • Clean peanut butter off of iPad.
  • Make 12 choo-choo-cheese sandwiches, 36 PB&J Dinosaurs & 1 jug of sangria for Sunday morning.
  • Run around the house yelling “choo choo!!” for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Learn the words to some song other than Baby Beluga.
  • De-peanut-butter the remote control.
  • Find and destroy the fishy movie. Never again.
  • Figure out why X keeps making that face and pointing over my left shoulder; it’s starting to freak me out.
  • Stop buying peanut butter.

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