Monsters U Storybook Projector

X is between birthdays at the moment. His actual birthday was a week back, but his party is set for this upcoming weekend. Consequently he’s had a slow trickle of gifts come in, and rather than letting them pile up, we’ve been slowly doling them out as the week rolls on.

One of the coolest gifts he’s opened so far (second to cars stickers and a train set) came from our friends, the Ellis’s.

It’s a movie theatre story book. Which basically means a book with an accompanying image projector. Xavier’s loves playing with the light. Here’s a pic of it with lights on, and off.

It comes with five discs, kind of like a viewmaster (yes, that dates me) that he can change when he likes. Each has four images on it from the movie Monsters U. It also has a book, but he isn’t so much into that.

Xavier’s been into flashlights for a long time now, but watching him play with this is a completely different thing. With a flashlight he is illuminating bits of his world at a time with light that shoots out of a stick. With this thing, the light is the thing he wants to see, so he has to be careful to choose his projection surface wisely, and to hold it still. It has been a great motivator for fine muscle control.

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