What are you doing with so many sippy cups?

This weekend, Mom was out having fun, and the guys were hanging around the house trying to stay out of trouble. I don’t get to spend a huge amount of time alone with X, so I underestimate the sorts of things he can get up to when I’ve got my back turned. Things like making a secret cache of chocolate cookies so that he can get his own snacks when Dad isn’t being forth-giving. Or creating a tower of blocks and books so that he can reach his crayons. He can also be pretty clever when left to self play.

While I was doing the dishes after lunch, Xavier kept coming and asking for a new juice glass. He has a tendency to put his glass down and forget about it, so I didn’t give it any thought. I would just full up a new sippy cup and keep doing my thing. After a few minutes he started yelling a lot, and then he came ripping down the hallway with a bowl on his head. Still, not that surprising around our house, so I smiled and waved while scouring pots and pans.

The weird thing is that he turned around, put his ‘hat’ back on, and ripped it up back down the hall again. Then out to the living room, back to his bedroom, out to the living room, back to his bedroom. After 6 or 7 laps he was starting to make me tired so I gave the dishes a break and poked my head out into the hall.

Turns out he built himself an obstacle course out, with sippy cup pylons, and was running wind sprints up and down the hallway. Thank you soccer class!

Not one to let an opportunity for exercise go to waste, I poured a cold glass of wine, and cheered him on from the couch.

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