Little Kickers

So we enrolled X in soccer lessons, and he’s started going as of last Friday. There are two things I’ve learned since he’s started:

First, in Australia it’s more often soccer than football; but both are valid terms.

Second, soccer for a 19-month old is more closely related to puppy training than the teamsport that I’d had in mind.

Classes at his stage are mostly focussed on getting the kids to a point where they can follow directions, and focus on one thing at a time. The bulk of the time is spent in guided activities, like ‘everyone kick something’. One of the activities that we’ve been practicing at home goes kind of like this: Everyone stands behind a line, while a ball is placed 2 meters ahead of them. Then they are told to stay until a command is given. On command everyone runs as fast as they can and kicks the ball. Sounds to me like a lot of “stay…. stay… ok, fetch!” but what do I know, I haven’t really been to see for myself. The classes are super early on Friday morning and Sarah has kindly volunteered to take that hit for the team.

What I do know is that he’s super cute when he’s kitted out.

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