Looking back on 2012

We’ve been taking things pretty much as they come throughout all of 2012. Looking back, I think we’ve managed to pull off a pretty awesome year abroad. Here are a few of the highlights of our great Australian adventure.

  • Left Canada on New Years Eve 2011.
  • Started a new job with a new employer.
  • Moved twice.
  • Logged 13 one-way flights across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Took six weekend vacations to places like: Wollongong, Canberra, the Hunter Valley, Jervis Bay, the Illawarra region, the Jenolan Caves, and the Blue Mountains.
  • Took a longer vacation to Napa Valley, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Reno.
  • Visited two Zoo’s, an olive farm, and a distillery.
  • Watched fireworks nearly every weekend.
  • Tasted a LOT of wine – including degustations at three wine festivals, two wine regions, and ~14 wineries.
  • Xavier learned to: Roll over, sit up, stand, walk, run, talk (just a few words), turn on the TV, sign, call grandma on the iPad (and the phone), feed himself, get his own snacks from the kitchen, mock people, kick a ball, draw with crayons, and tire out his parents.
  • Xavier had his first hair cut; and Sarah both cut her hair short AND dyed it blue!
  • Attended:
    • two weddings – one in Sydney, one in Vancouver.
    • an online cooking class.
    • a chocolate making course.
    • four live concerts.
  • Had lunch at some very cool places, including:
    • Quai – a high end Sydney restaurant.
    • Bouchon – a great restaurant in Napa.
    • The Governor General’s house.
    • A fancy restaurant only accessible by float plane.
  • Finished four video games; including one indie title (yes, this is an accomplishment).
  • Saw a giraffe, kangaroo, wallaby, wombat, kookaburra, platypus, and koala. About half of those in the wild.
  • Discovered a new favorite author, after first meeting him in person.
  • Hula danced in front of an audience. (That was just Sarah.)
  • Evolved to a whole new level of coffee snobbery.
  • Attended a giant conference in the US.
  • Worked on some insanely popular software products.
  • Completed our Christmas shopping, and cards, on time. For the first time. Ever.
  • Met so many new friends!
  • Watched absolutely incredible fireworks to close out the year.

In all, it’s been a pretty amazing year.

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