Rawr Rawr the Noisy Toddler

Xavier learned to growl last week, probably from watching Lions on TV. A growl, in toddler, apparently means one of two things.

1. Rawr!! I’m a big scary monster coming to stomp on your blocks!!

2. Rawr!! I don’t like that.

The first is more common than the second, but the second is pretty cute when it comes up. Last week, while eating a dinner of veggies, chicken nuggets, and oranges slices, Xavier discovered that colour is not the sole indicator of what a food might taste like. Picking through the veggie dish, he picked up the green bits, sniffed and ate. The white bits: sniff, lick, toss. The orange bits: nom nom nom! Until he hit a carrot. That he spat out, picked up, sniffed, and ROAR!!! You are not an orange!

After that, he carefully picked through all of the orange things on his plate, sniffing each, and then eating or growling depending upon whether it was an orange, or an impostor orange.

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