Having a Lie in

On Saturdays mornings I like to get up with X and let Sarah have a bit of a lie-in. Taking care of a toddler 5 days a week is tiring, and the break is necessary to recharge her batteries. Xavier and I have been working on our list of lie-in morning activities.

Things to do when Mom is having a lie-in:

  1. Go to the park.
  2. Colour quietly.
  3. Read books.
  4. Catch up on the latest kids drama (Sesame Street)
  5. Make Mom breakfast in bed.
  6. Silently clean the house.

On those mornings when the lie-in lasts a little longer — eg. we’ve gone out, come back, and eaten Mom’s breakie for lunch — we hit the bottom of that list and start looking for other things. One can only be a good influence for so long…

This morning we learned the Djembe.

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