Migration complete!

A long time ago in a basement far, far away, I started a blog.

My first post wasn’t particularly elegant, but it was a start. That was just over eight years ago. Since then, we’ve moved six times (eight, counting temporary accommodations) across three continents, changed jobs thrice, built two houses, had a baby, and played way, way too much World of Warcraft. (btw – does anyone remember the name of our original blog?)

This blog has always been an open diary of sorts. I began writing two months after we got married, which was about the same time that I’d finished Uni. The goal was to chronicle our road trip across Canada to see a friends wedding (twice, actually), and our subsequent time in Ontario while Sarah studied with a teacher there. As we’ve moved farther and farther away from family, it’s slowly turned into the proverbial letters to home.

I’ve never kept it up as much as I’d have liked, but I still have a lot of good memories captured here. And I’m ridiculously happy that I’ve done it. The change over to WordPress shouldn’t make much impact on anything, really. I’ll still wish that I had that little extra time to write more, and remember better; but, it will be an interesting change.

If you’re reading this space, I do have one ask of you – please let me know if you see a lot of advertising on the blog over the next little while. WordPress does inject ads into their free  blogs from time to time. They swear it’s not that often, so I haven’t bought the ‘no ads upgrade’ but if it is, I will. There’s something a little odd about having advertising in your letters home.

Aaaand, to close off, I grabbed the final stats from Blogger just after the migration. Since starting, I have:

  • Written 334 Posts
  • Received 270 Comments
  • Over 3006 Days — or 8 years, 2 months, and 23 days
  • Had 12,021 Pageviews
  • Chronicled 8 moves (6 with a cat, 3 with a baby)

My visitors come from all over the place:

  • United States: 4678 visits
  • Canada: 1462
  • France: 903
  • Netherlands: 748
  • Germany: 547
  • Russia: 442
  • United Kingdom: 347
  • Australia: 322
  • Japan: 262
  • Ukraine: 241

And they come for very strange reasons. My most popular posts aren’t really that interesting:

And finally, the answer to that quick bit of trivia at the beginning. My first domain was daveandsarah.ca, it was the URL that I’d used for our wedding. But when I signed up for blogger in August they didn’t yet support domain mapping, so we ended up with ‘nink.blogspot.com’ (for: no income, no kids). About a year after I started, blogger added support custom domains, but daveandsarah.ca had lapsed, and gotten picked up by a different Dave and Sarah, also getting married. It wasn’t until November 2008 that I was able to scoop it up again.

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