What’s this? We found a social calendar!

I don’t know when it happened exactly. Some time over the winter we managed to find ourselves with a very active social calendar. Between Mommy Groups, and play groups, and work events, and tourist happenings, and random fun with friends, we are keeping actually quite busy. It’s certainly an improvement over our first few months in France. I’m pretty sure that in Paris by about this point we were just realizing that the few people we had met were about to return to whichever country they had come from as their studies had ended.

I’m going to try my best to keep this site updated with our goings on, but between the active life, work and baby duties, we’ve been tighter than normal – and normally I’m not very quick on the updates.

A couple of weeks back, we had a lovely weekend with three different groups of friends. On the Friday, one of my colleagues was getting married, and invited us out for the occasion. Weddings are always special, and this one was triply so as [1] it was Xavier’s first babysitter, and [2] we were headed out to Quai – one of Sydney’s fanciest restaurants. Between the sunshine, the food, and new friends, everyone ended up a little spoiled.

The view from the Quai dining hall.

The following day, we had two house warmings to attend, sadly on opposite ends of the city, about 70 minutes apart. We made the executive decision to attend the one with the Portuguese food (well, Brazillian, but close enough) up in Dee Why, one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. While we gorged ourselves on Feijoada, Xavier got to spend some time with a few older boys playing ball.

Finally, Sunday had us out at the baptism (dedication?) of a friends son, Hunter. Sydney is the home of one of the world’s most prominent protestant churches, Hillsong, and Sarah and I had been meaning to check it out since before we arrived in the city. Unfortunately, the two times we had tried before we got lost on the way, and some how ended up exploring the pubs out in Surrey Hills instead. This time though, equipped with a car, a GPS and a little extra incentive, we managed to make it on time. The service was huge! And the dedication was lovely.

Xavier also had the bonus of attending his first ever Sunday school. As nervous parents (well, just me really) I popped in to check on him a few times during the service, and noticed that he was a little different than the other kids. While everyone else was listening to the lady at the front, and following along with books and stories, X was hanging out on his own playing with a piano. Maybe we have a future worship leader? Social pariah?

Given the amount of interaction X had with other kids over that weekend, this trend of mild isolation was actually feeling pretty prominent. We watched him a bit more, and asked the Sunday School teacher what she thought, and the general opinion seems to be that he is an exceptionally well adjusted little boy, with higher than average self confidence and independence. We’ve had that echoed a few times since by other folks who have a background in emotional well being. Considering that his first (and nearly all subsequent) steps were away from us, we had a notion that he was independent. It was reassuring to hear that it’s a good thing.

I suppose that overall this was an atypical weekend for our lot, but not so much that it stands out. The feeling of being settled in is definitely there. We have a touch more work to do with integrating into larger child-friendly-networks of parents and carers, but we feel well on the way.

2 thoughts on “What’s this? We found a social calendar!

  1. It doesn't surprise me that Xavier is well-adjusted and independent, given who his parents are! Having known Sarah since high school, she always struck me as being really confident in a born-with-it kind of way. It's SO GREAT that he is, too – a friend of mine just put her kid into junior kindergarten and she is a lot more timid and saying goodbye in the morning is just awful. 😦 I bet X will have no trouble at all!

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