Jenolan Caves

A couple of weeks back we took a trip out to the Jenolan Caves, in the Blue Mountains; about 3 hours North-West of Sydney.

The cave network is enormous – over 40 km of multi-level passages – and is still undergoing active exploration. The limestone cave network has been worn away over time by what looked like a really tiny river. Several kilometres of the caves have been made easily accessible to visitors – even those with toddlers strapped to their chest.

We ended up visiting two of the caves while we were up there, and going on two light hikes as well. One around the lake (we saw a Platypus! they are much smaller than you might think…) and once up and around the top of the cave network. As far as outdoor trips go, this one was super accessible. You drive right into the caves, and come out into a small valley, with a tourist office, hotel and pub. The caves are all accessible from very near to the parking lot, and lunch is pretty reasonable. It was a bit of a treacherous drive up; with parts of the road being so narrow that we had to back up to let someone else pass, but that’s hardly something worth complaining about as the view from the cliff face was wonderful.

The one thing I regret is that we made the trip with four cameras, all of which were nearly dead by the time we got there. =[ We only managed to nick a quick video of the inside of the largest cave before even the phone went toast. This helps to give a sense of just how big these cave structures were. Also, how much fun Xavier has playing with echoes.

From a tourists perspective, this was one of the coolest things that I think we could have done in the Sydney area, especially for a day trip, with a young child.

Also, this is a good time to mention that we are slowly going through the process of uploading some of our photos to flickr. The death of my last photo hosting service kind of through me, and we’ve been particularly lazy in fixing things up. In any case, here’s the second of two sets that we have up there so far.

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