MasterChef Cookalong

This past Thursday, Sarah took cooking class to learn how to make deep fried wonton.

The really cool thing is that she didn’t even have to leave the apartment — it was a virtual class, hosted by semi-celebrity chef Mindy Woods via Google+.

Non-Australian viewers may not know that name: Mindy was a Top-5 Finalist on this years MasterChef Australia. I understand that MasterChef runs in other countries, but it might be a bit different here. This show is huge, capturing about 10% of  australian television viewers, six nights a week for two months.

And so, through the magic of the internets, Mindy came into three kitchens around Australia and offered direct guidance (I want to say hands on, but it wasn’t really) to some amateur cooks. We also had family and friends in at least four different North American cities following along live.

We did have to make a few modifications to our kitchen:

You can see some of the finished product there on the left. It was deep fried wonton with prawn and rougette (I don’t know the English name for that fish). Sarah also learned to make a sweet chili sauce, which you can see in the ramekin.

In case you missed it, and want to watch Sarah’s online cooking debut, it was recorded for YouTube.

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