First Steps

A couple of weeks back, Xavier started walking with assistance.

I think that it may have been a little accidental. He’d recently realised that there is food in the bottom of the pram, and when he got hungry he’d crawl over to pull something out. A part of me still wonders if this wasn’t a carrot/stick thing where the poor kid really just wanted a cookie.

But, that weekend (July 21), he made a big leap and stood for the first time! He then started to applaud himself and fell over.

The next day, while we were talking with my Mom, he took his first tiny step (he was trying to reach the iPad). No camera’s for that one, but I was really happy that we could share that moment with family.

It’s been a week or so now, and he’s master clapping for himself while standing, but has only attempted a step on more time. We picked him up a little push cart over the weekend, and this has been a new favourite toy around the house. He is keen as mustard to start walking on his own, but he just hasn’t got the knack of it yet.

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