Justin Bieber owes me breakfast

Justin Bieber is in Sydney this week. I know this because my normal route to and from work is heavily congested with unusual traffic. Yesterday, on the walk to the office, there were scores of journalists surrounding the Star Casino in Pyrmont. On the walk home, the reporters had been largely replaced with an entire school worth of young girls, still in their uniforms. This morning, some of the crowd had been replaced with burly security guards, all of whom insisted that it was impossible for me to take my normal shortcut through the star to get to my office on the other side.

OK – so it wasn’t a really big detour. Maybe 5 minutes out of my way, but it was a critical five minutes. Those few minutes meant the difference between breakfast, and not-breakfast in my canteen. I managed to make it there just as the last of the spread was cleared away. Justin Bieber — you owe me some toast!!

During my hunger glazed morning, I flipped through some of the articles of his arrival in Sydney. I guess he’s here for a concert last night, but offered some additional fan related activities during the day. He performed an outdoor concert this morning at a major transit point, and spoke to the crowd about how they “have been following me all week trying to get a picture of my car and at the hotel. You are great fans.”

And what is the difference between a stalker and a fan, really? Apparently not that big. Some of the fans offered gems of quotes like: “I just love him so much I want his babies,” and “I’ve been chasing him everywhere this week.”

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