Two Days in Canada

Following a week of madness in San Francisco, I’m grateful to be spending a couple of days in Vancouver with friends and family. This weekend is much less whirlwind than my last stopover; which is for the best.

Saturday morning I left my hotel in San Fran for some US airport craziness, and touched down just after ten am in Vancouver. My mom and aunt cheered me down the customs line (pretending not to know someone isn’t very effective when they keep shouting your name and looking at you) and we headed out to a farmers market in steveston for cucumbers, raspberries, and an entire sockeye salmon. After loading up, the rest of the afternoon was split between bar-b-q-ing, drinking coffee, and chatting on the patio. We capped the day off with a late showing of Brave, and hit the hay early.

Day two felt too short by comparison. We followed up a breakfast of fresh baked hippy bread with a brunch of bar-b-q salmon and new potatoes. After the morning rain cleared up we took a little trip downtown to the gardens at queen e park. I knew that they had gardens up that way, but I didn’t realize how nice they were. Also, I’m considering taking up lawn bowling after I get back to Oz.

We hit a Dairy Queen on the way to the airport, and met up with my inlaws at the YVR whitespot. It’s been more than eight years since my mom and sarah’s folks have been able to connect in person. Part of the trip that didn’t happen this year was to have some extended family time. I had basically given up all hope after we cancelled the birthday cruise excursion, but with some scheduling luck and a little flexibility we managed to pull it off.

I shook some hands and said good bye to everyone at the airport, which is always a little sad. I totally underestimated how much I’d miss the fam when we moved down under, and seeing them up close always reminds me just how far away we are.

But, I had one more stop to make, so I checked in early – scoring a lucky upgrade to Business Class (!) – checked my bag in short term storage and hopped the Skytrain into the city for a slater meetup.

We met up downtown and walked out to The Wallflower for a nibble. Feeling pretty stuff from the breakfast, brunch, lunch and snack I wasn’t sure about lunch, but Chris pointed out the Poutine, and how could I say no to that on Canada day?

I’m now on my way back to the airport for my late night flight. I’d hoped to connect with a few more people, but it wasn’t in the cards. Next time. Maybe next time will be soon; or maybe not. Or maybe it will be for a much longer time. We’ll see.

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