Off to San Fran

Its a long trip from Sydney to San Francisco – nearly 18 hours – fortunately we took a short coffee break on the way.

I’m in NA for about eight days for a conference. Which really feels too long. It’s harder to get excited about these business trips when you like where you were much more than where you are going.

Xavier (which my iPad corrects to Clavier) turned one yesterday and we had a pretty awesome time of things at the zoo. On the flight out, there were three other kids all about Xavier’s age. They cried, of course, but having lived with a baby for a year now I wasn’t so much cursing their cries as I was missing my kid. MY kid wouldn’t cry, I thought. Which I eventually conceded as untrue. But, if he did, then he would get over it quickly by playing a game of steal-daddy’s-glasses, or drop-soother.

So, I made faces at other people’s kids instead.

I remember helping out a “spirited” lady in Victoria who warned me that as you age, you start to lose your mind. A sure sign of which was when you started thinking that small dogs and babies were adorable, instead of kickable. I guess I’m old. That at least explains the hairline.

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