Xavier at 9 months

Xavier turned 9 months this past weekend, and was just in for his physical this afternoon. At 8.3 kg (~18 lbs) he’s still a pretty little guy, but he’s getting big quickly. At nine months old, he’s definitely hitting the ‘little boy’ stage. 
Xavier started military crawling at the beginning of the month, and just figured out how to get up onto his hands and knees on Saturday. He’s now mobile enough to get into trouble. It seems we are forever chasing after him saying “Xavier, stop playing with the garbage can… no, don’t lick the drain… shoes are not for chewing… etc.” Now that he’s able to move around, he’s got a lot of extra energy and he can’t stand to just sit still so we’ve had to find more constructive channels, such as heading down to the park to play.
He’s mostly on solids these days, and we’ve been trying to keep his palette as broad as possible. Pears, beef, tomatoes and pumpkin are his favourite foods so far, with lamb and chicken near the bottom of the list. He’s just moving into things that need chewing (like, whole green peas in his food, or small bits of cheese). It’s weird for him, and he makes a lot of faces, but if you chew along with him he gets the general idea and follows along. 
He’s starting to experiment with words a little. No English at this point, but there are definitely common sounds that he’ll make for certain circumstances. He has a phrase for ‘all done’, ‘more please’ and for ‘I hate being on this change table.’ We’re trying with baby sign language too. Sarah’s much better at it than either of us. So far, I’ve learned the word for Daddy (it’s like a one antlered moose antler coming out of your forehead), mommy (moose antler from chin) and ‘hungry’ (similar to a rude italian hand gesture). I don’t know how much Xavier’s learned. Hopefully he’s a quicker learner than his old man.

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