First Aiding

This past week I took a two day first aid course through my office. Mostly it’s the same as in Canada, but with a couple of regional tweaks. The hypothermia section of the course was about 2 minutes long: “If you suspect someone has hypothermia or frostbite, warm them up slowly… moving on.” and there were some different recommendations around choking victims and CPR than I’m used to. Cool bonus: I now know how to use the defibrillators that you see all over transit sites these days. Previously I’d have been scared to use one, but they are actually mega simple, and most come with sensors to help you make the right choices while using them.

The poison section was also quite a bit larger than anything you’d get back home. We spent the better part of the afternoon practicing dressings for snake bites, spider bites, treatments for jellyfish stings, star fish, mudfish, octopus, sting rays, etc. etc. etc. While I’m glad to have gained some knowledge in this area, it of course came with obligatory story telling that I’d wished I could have missed. There were such gems as:
  • I got bit by a white tail while sleeping in my own bed in Northern Sydney. No worries though, they didn’t have to amputate.
  • A friend of mine once got bit by a funnel web spider that was hiding in his washing machine. 
  • After putting on her bra my girlfriend realized there was a scorpion in the cup.
  • A redback came in with my laundry.
  • I had JellyFish stinger marks from my bellybutton up around my shoulders.
and so on. 
I figured this was the ‘why oh why did I move here’ portion of the class. 

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