Director to the set!

For my birthday, my most excellent in-laws bought me a camcorder. With the kid coming, this was a pretty sweet gift.

My new toy.

I haven’t actually held a video camera for about 20 years or so — things have come a long way since then. This thing is tiny. Like, kid sized. And very light. Despite that, it shoots 1080i HD video, has a really great zoom, and the stabilization gives me tripod-steady video, even when zoomed, when I’m just hand holding.

The only down side is that the user is a horrible director. I’ve been thinking for years how I wanted to video tape every awesome moment of my kids first year, but I’d underestimated my lack of skill with a camera. So far I’ve been shooting a fair bit, but most of my video has been limited to 40 second clips of not much, or cheesy dad videos. I’ve been looking on amazon for some kind of ‘How to take home video without looking like a dad’ books, but without much luck. I think this might just be my fate.

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