Moved, and almost laundered

The move is two weeks over now, but the battle for a clean apartment rages on. Getting the old place spic and span was a long, but not too stressful process. It helped that we were able to employ a little familial assistance. Nick, Sarah’s little brother, spent some time in Paris on his way to nowheresvillenstag Germany. This was the last two weeks of a three month long downtime that spanned Vancouver, Reno, Hong Kong, London, York and Paris. After three months vacation, I guess the offer to scrub floors in return for French wine and roast duck seemed like a good idea.

In addition to BIL, we also hired someone to clean the WC and SDB to a sparkling shine (I was only able to muster dull and suspiciously off-white). This was a brilliant idea that I plan to re-employ for general cleaning purposes in the short, medium and long term. Maybe just every otter Sunday?

The current challenge is clearing up the new place in time for it’s new tenant. Despite the tidal wave of new baby clothes, we’ve almost vanquished the laundry pile of doom. I’m sitting here in a corner laundrymat to take care of the last of our whites. The kitchen is put together and the general furniture layout is basically settled. I spent Friday pushing all of the remaining boxes into a corner of the apartment, and plan to spend this afternoon cleaning up what’s left. Then the remainder of this week will be inertuon-sorting my way to an orderly household.

And then, of course, it will all explode again in a flurry of diapers, burp bibs and empty cans of red bull.

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