How’s young what’s-his-name?

As we are getting closer to baby time, we keep getting asked some variation of “are you there yet?” (the latest variation: “Isn’t it about time for that creature to emerge and start serenading the world with its selection of desperate wailing pleas?!”)

Answer: No. Not yet. And we aren’t totally sure when he’ll be here, but it’s going to be soon.

Part of the problem is that we have three different dates depending upon the doctor’s country of origin. We’ve learned that Babies don’t really have a due date, but rather a due date range. North American doctors give the first date in the range as the due date. For us, that’s June 24. French physicians err on the fashionably late side, and give the last date in the range. That’d be July 1st. British doctors have a totally different approach, and give the ‘last date that you are allowed to be pregnant before medical intervention.’ That’s July 7.

On top of that, Sarah was at the doctor earlier this week and he mentioned that the cooking is done, and Sarah is ready to go. So this might happen sooner than we think. We are at the point now where the baby could come any time between now and early July.

Watch this space for updates. My phone is pretty much constantly in my hand these days, so as soon as something starts happening I’m sure I’ll update here or facebook (or I’ll pass out, time will tell).

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