An introduction to taste.

In the last week our baby has grown taste buds and is starting to form as sense of what he likes, dislikes, favourites foods, etc. So we decided that we are going to help the little runt discover new foods now, before he has the opportunity to shut his mouth and throw spaghetti at us.

This morning, as I was preparing to go to the market, Sarah mentioned to me how she thought maybe she should eat a mushroom, just for the purposes of passing on the taste experience. This is a pretty big statement coming from my wife; she doesn’t distinguish between fungal varieties, and considers chantrelle’s and athlete’s foot to be in the same culinary family. Anyhow, she said this to me, perhaps in a short lucid moment in between dreams, and then promptly tucked herself back into bed, leaving me to go to the market on my own.

I’m taking this as free license to rework our standard menu items. So, this week, I tried to avoid our standard fare as much as possible, and try out a few of the things we never order.

On the menu this week:

  • Paupiette de Veau (Veal, wrapped in bacon, covered with a tomato slice and some olives, and then wrapped in a mesh of fat that holds the whole thing together)
  • Lobster mushrooms, fried with butter and garlic.
  • Roast duck leg – Still looking for a good recipe.
  • A ‘mélange de champignons marinés’, or mixture of wild mushrooms marinated in olive oil.
  • Sundried tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella.
  • Fresh Avacado with an organic lemon and olive oil dressing and a pinch of ‘sel guerande’.
  • A Sweet variety of potato, sort of a mix of yukon gold and turnip.
  • Mango Lassi, made with sheep’s yoghurt.
  • And then the more standard fare of veggies, fruits, cheese and olives. 

I didn’t want to totally overdo it, so I drew the line about half way through the market. Assuming this weeks experiment goes well, I think that next saturday I’ll move on to artichokes, various terrines (a kind of Pate) and the mysterious knobbly root vegetable that I see from time to time.

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