The great Parisian snowstorm of 2011

It seems that this winter has been crazy this year on a global scale, but especially in our home region.

We’ve heard stories from our friends in Victoria of a 25cm snowfall inside of a day, while In Vancouver, temperatures plummeted well below the -1 or -2 norm to a frigid 15 below. And from Prince George, one friend captured te essence of the season with a recent facebook post: “You know it has been very cold for a long time when [at] -28 you go out to play.” I think in PG the mercury dipped below -40 a few times over the season.

Well, we haven’t been totally without our frozen disasters overseas. But I think they might be on a different scale. In early January, Paris suffered through a snow storm that effectively shut down the city for two days. Here’s a picture of the scale of the damage.

These are the sorts of pics of snowstorms Vancouver that I used to see as a kid on the news. Growing up in Northern BC one of our favorite past times was to make fun of the southerners running from snowflakes. (This was later replaced by the southern pastime of calling your relatives in March to let them know that you would be at the beach while they shoveled their walk.)

In all fairness, I think most of these low impact shutdowns comes from the fact that the city workers are just completely unprepared for the weather. As we walked around town we watched people attempting to clear the snow. Not one person had a shovel. My favorite was this guy; he is actually pushing a big squeegee on a stick down the street.

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