Building on bad habits

This site… it’s been pretty dead. I know. I am thinking back over the last year or so and I’m pretty sure that I’ve done quite a bit, but you wouldn’t know it by looking here. I consider this site to be a diary of sorts, so I think it’s a sad state of affairs if the only things that show up on the highlights collection over the last 12 months were a trip to Portugal, a trip to Normandy, some Happy Noodles, and a mysterious man with a wooden cart.

At least in the case of the noodles, I can update that we had many more food related adventures. The one following the noodles was definitely eventful; but, perhaps its better left untold.

Sometimes laziness can be a good thing.

As I look back over the last 12 months, I can definitely target a specific point as to when things went black. Back in March I opted to celebrate the 40-days of Lent by taking a break from the internet (and thus this blog) instead of the 6 weeks of Pescetarianism that typifies the season traditionally. As all good brain hackers know, it takes roughly 30-40 days to form a habit, and so my 40 days of lent became a bad habit of non-communication that I am just now about to break out of.

Today marks my first week of non-blogginess-recovery.

In an attempt to get things back rolling again, I’m going to be shooting for 4 posts a week for the next 6 weeks, concluding April 1st – annual “Dave’s not allowed on the internet” day.

Wish me luck. Nag me if I’m lagging. And please feel free to comment!

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