Bring out yer dead

This morning, when I left my apartment, I was greeted by a little French man who was standing in the street beside a home made wooden cart. He waved at me as he stood there, loudly ringing a Salvation Army Santa sized bell as loudly as he could.

Other than acting as a community alarm clock, I really have no idea what he was doing. I mean, yes, it’s flu season here in Paris, but I don’t think we’ve hit the plague collector stage just yet.

My mind jumped to tinker, or tin collector, but I have a hard time believing that roaming tinkers still come to Paris. People here have a much stronger culture of repairing old items for certain, but in the city, we are still very much consumers. I can buy a kettle for a few euro on the corner, I don’t imagine that this poor fellow would get many customers. At least, not in my part of town.

I don’t suppose anyone else has any ideas?

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