Kicked out.

Tonight marks the first time that I’ve ever been thrown out of a taxi. I wasn’t even drunk/high/stabbing someone in the backseat. What started out as a question led to our cab driver pulling over and making the jerking-thumb motion — universal symbol for GTFO — that would leave us standing on the side of the road.

This evening we were saying good bye to a good friend who is heading to New York on Thursday. We caught the metro halfway home, but missed the last train that would have gotten us the rest of the way. Fortunately for us, we bumped into a girl from Fargo that was equally out of luck and heading in the same direction as we were, so we opted to split a cab.

A few minutes later we found ourselves 5 euros and 50% closer to home. We were also at Lauren’s stop. “6 euro” the driver told us, “Minimum charge.”

I’m pretty sure that’s the only english phrase that he could perfectly parrot to his annoyed customers.

A few minutes of arguing got us nowhere, and we agreed to just pay the 6 euro. We were going another km anyway, and would probably finish the night at 10 euro total, so it didn’t really matter.

However, this is when he RESETS the meter! Seriously, do they not know how to split a cab?

Anyhow — our protests were not well received (or maybe just mispronounced?) and we ended up thumbing another car down before actually getting to where we wanted to be.

Sa m’enerve.

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