Happy Noodle

A little more than a year ago, we found “The Great Canadian”, a Canadian style pub that overlooks Notre Dame from the left bank. Since then, we have maintained a floating invite with anyone interested on Monday nights (chicken wing night) for drinks and some gnosh. We don’t always make it, and sometimes we dine alone, but it’s been pretty cool having a regular open invite for purveyors of cheap pints in a city with crazy high sin taxes.

What’s been less cool is that meeting once a week at the same place has gotten in the way of experiencing the rest of the food that Paris has to offer, and there is plenty. Worse, is that we regularly find ourselves back there on the off nights as well. People keep thinking “oh you’re Canadian! We should meet for drinks at the Canadian pub.”

So, until the end of November, we have collectively agreed to boycott TGC and try to get out to a few other places instead.

Tonight was the first experiment. Someone had suggested a shanghai noodle bar near the marais called Happy Nouilles where they make their own noodles. There’s a video of the Happy Noodlemaster at work on their website: http://happynouilles.com/

This, and the neighboring pub, were both a great first experience into new restaurants. Cheap noodles, good times, and a happy hour that lasts until midnight.

I think next week will be our turn to pick the place. Should be difficult to follow this opening act.

2 thoughts on “Happy Noodle

  1. When we were there, did we tell you about L'As du Fallafel? We went there on Ian's mom's suggestion and it was REALLY yummy. It's a total hole-in-the-wall place though, and you can even order from a window on the outside and just walk & eat, so if you're looking for more of a sit-down, fancier place, this ain't it. Here's an article I just found online.Also there's that yummy vegetarian place we found, Le Grenier de Notre Dame, which was a nicer sit-down place and the food was SUPER tasty. Miss you guys!!

  2. Thanks for the tips. One of the friends that's been joining us is veg, and I feel kinda bad that we keep inviting him out to Chicken wing night. It'd be nice to hit up a good vegetarian restaurant for one of our nights out.

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