Back and away again

We returned from July, tanned, rested and ready to get back to normal life. Five weeks of vacation was just what the Dr ordered to slow down our engines.

There are some definite perks to a European contract.

It started off nice. August always does. So many people are gone in the month of August that it’s really more like an at home sabbatical than rejoining the rat race. Sarah and I even dared a trip to the busiest place on earth, and were shocked that nobody else was there. Most of the rides had, at most, a ten minute wait, and we actually just walked straight on to the Pirates of Caribbean ride totally unobstructed.

But, it wasn’t meant to last. Somebody had greased up the back-to-work on-ramp while we were gone, and our lives quickly careened back to our normal break neck speed.

On my end, I hit the ground running by losing half (3/6) of my dev team within the first few days back at the office (we are now down to two). Couple this with an impending major delivery for the company, the need to do a major IT overhaul, and the threat of doubling our user base within the next six months and you have the makings of a very busy month.

On the other side, poor Sarah got more than she bargained for when she offered to help the Church with some organizing. What started as a revamp of some smallish internal things quickly turned into a complete overhaul of the Church’s organizational structure and programming. Additionally, an update of the global address book became a full on CRM implementation. All of which, of course, was scheduled to go live at the end of the month.

Needless to say, we both needed a break again in September and we were very lucky with our scheduling and vacation planning. With the help of our friends, we will be rejoining the world of the budget jet-setter this month. I’m taking the last two weeks this month for a trip to London, and a Mediterranean cruise. Sarah, who has a more flexible employer, has actually already left, and will be spending the next two weeks cruising the western med through Spain, Lisbon and Gibraltar.

Hopefully the next time we come back, we can just stick to the bike lane.

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