Amarante: The Chateau

Last night we had a nice surprise. One of the sponsors of Habitat Portugal invited us out for dinner at the “Chateau”, home to two Michelin star chefs.

For dinner, we had a three course meal with wine pairings. Our first course was giant prawns in orange froth, served over fruit salad and caviar. The main was a roasted pork dish, with a layer of dark meat, a layer of light meat, and a layer of cracklin’, served with courgette, mashed yams and roasted carrots. For dessert, we had a trio of orange ice cream, chocolate lava cake and fresh strawberries topped with meringue.

All evening, we also enjoyed bottomless glasses of wine from local vineyards. Our white was light, cold and bubbly, while the red was smooth and buttery, with a faint hint of the sweet taste of port.

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