Amarante: Our work (Part 3)

The last three days on the worksite have been pretty light. Habitat hadn’t really anticipated having a group at all during this time, so the planned work was low.

We did manage to finish the tiling, and as much of the painting as they would let us do. The exterior of the house is cemented and painted as well, and the roof is done except for a tiny patch that is being left open until the very end so that people can access all of the wiring.

We also managed to build up some small retaining walls along the exterior, and change the orientation of the entrance a little to allow for a stoop. This is where Sarah spent the better part of her time this week.

Under the cardboard is tile that matches the wall. These are two of the bedrooms and the edge of the kitchen. Below is the rest of the same room.

We will be the last Habitat group to work on the house before it is handed over to it’s new owner, Lourdes, and her family. As you can see, there is still plenty of work left to do. The rest of it will be finished off by private contractors, so that the final product looks as good as it possibly can. Habitat’s mission is to build cheap houses for people in need, but they also put a huge focus on making homes that people will be proud of.

To close off our time here, we bought a small housewarming gift for Lourdes, and a case of beer for the contractors that had been helping. I think the construction team was trying to hide their mid-afternoon beer breaks, but it wasn’t totally succesful. Finding the hidden cooler of beer was a good afternoon game for the group.

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